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My Stay-At-Home Diary

Kids / Live Action

My Stay-At-Home Diary

My Stay At Home Diary is a series for kids that travels across the world, giving kids the opportunity to share their personal stories and family life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new series told by Children from around the world!

This is series about COVID-19 for children, showing in a honest and authentic way how children accross the world are dealing with their emotions. By handing the reigns to the kids, we’re letting them tell their own stories.

My Stay At Home Diary is a kid-led series about real feelings, family and how to feel safe in a world that feels scary. Each 4 minute short follows a different child around the world (including Japan, Israel, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, US, etc) as they share their family’s experiences and share their journey through COVID-19 and their new family life they have now that they’re staying home to stay safe.


Programme Details

20 x 4.5' / 4 x 30'