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Playdate follows the adventures of four stuffed animals who come to life when everyone leaves the room. On this show, it’s not just the kids who have playdates, their toys get to have them too.

From the Emmy-winning producers of Dino Dan, Odd Squad, Annedroids and This is Daniel Cook comes Playdate, an imaginative new series for preschoolers that combines live action kids, advanced puppetry, an innovative set and an entirely new form of puppet to make it seem as if stuffed animals are truly coming to life.

Mac is the beloved stuffed animal mouse of a little boy named Jacob. Jacob always includes Mac in his playdate adventures with his best friends Molly, Enzo and Gwen, who each have a stuffed animal of their own: Priscilla the porcupine, Sammy the pig and Buckie the goat.

Once the kids are out of sight, it’s up to Mac and his playdate pals to complete an adventure and get back to their spots before the kids return – which is never as easy as it sounds. Luckily, they’re so good at being exactly where they’re supposed to be that Jacob and his friends have no idea that they have fun-loving stuffed animals who come to life. All Jacob and his friends know is that their playdate missions have a magical way of getting solved, all on their own...

Playdate is a fun, fast-paced, entertaining and heart-warming show that the whole family will enjoy.


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52 x 5'
Family Channel