Explorer Malaika Vaz journeys through the India, immersing herself in the most incredible landscapes and habitats in the country and coming eye-to-eye with the rarely spotted animals that live here.

How is wild India surviving in the 21st century? Grassroots conservationists unravel mysteries of the natural world and help us understand why species that once lived in large populations are now literally On the Brink.

Even though India has just 2.4% of the world’s geographical area, it accounts for 11.4% of the world’s plants (about 48,000 species), and 7.5% of its animals (about 96,000 species). But with habitat destruction and poaching, 25 animal species and 77 plant species are critically endangered, 205 animals and 172 plants are endangered, and 385 animals and 138 plants are vulnerable, according to the International Union for Conservation of nature.

As grim as it is, India still harbours incredible biodiversity and is one of few countries that encompasses all major biomes – forests, deserts, savanna and grasslands, tundra, wetlands, freshwater and marine.

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Season 1: 8x30'
Season 2: 10x30'


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8 x 30'
Animal Planet
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