The delightful story of the journey of an injured otter as she prepares to regain her independence and former ability.

Naia (meaning water spirit) was bitten on her spine as a baby in the wild. The Tikki Hywood Trust, (a rescue center for small wild animals), took Naia in and found she had lost the use of her back legs and tail. Naia needed hydro therapy and needed a swimming partner for her rehabilitation. Enter Kirsty Coventry, multiple Olympic Zimbabwean gold medalist, the perfect companion for stimulation in the water!

After just 2 months Naia’s progress was remarkable, gaining the use of one back foot and half of her tail. Her motor skills improved dramatically and Kirsty’s help was incredibly useful. The consistent hydro therapy over 18 months gave her the skills and power to begin hunting live fish on her own and we expect her to be released back into the wild in the near future.


Programme Details

1 x 60'