The Sweet Art with Janice Wong


Sweet Art with Janice Wong inspires viewers to experience the world of desserts in a new way. She is on a mission to bring Singaporean flavours to the world.

For globally recognized, awarded dessert chef and edible food artist Janice Wong, creativity can come from anywhere, anyone, and anything: a bustling market, a colourful landscape, elegant architecture, traditional food culture and local characters. Joined by internationally acclaimed chefs, Janice takes us on a journey to top culinary destinations to seek out inspiration and challenge herself to create artistic edible creations and exquisite desserts, combining Singapore flavours with local delicacies that reflect her experience in the region.

Janice brings with her a breadth of culinary knowledge and her own unique ingredients to the table, turning her experiences into a visually stunning, contemporary, and delicious work of edible art. In collaboration with local chefs, Janice brings a little bit of Singapore in every bite to foodies around the world.

Each episode is self-contained in nature and follows a three-act structure that allows her to explore, engage, reflect, and create based on her experiences in the region.


Programme Details

6 x 30'
In Development
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