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My Man Can


The comedy gameshow where women gamble on the abilities of their men.

My Man Can is the gameshow with a difference as four women gamble on the abilities of their partners – putting their men’s courage and skills to the test. How far will the men go to win the game? Which of these women knows her man the best? And which couple will set the stakes too high and drive each other to distraction?

The female player sits at a gambling table and bets her rivals that her man can accomplish certain tasks and go further than the others. He waits helplessly in a soundproof cubicle. Hilarious challenges range from which man can eat the most chili peppers, to who knows most about cosmetics, and who is fastest at making the bed!

Mixing the courage, knowledge and athletic ability of the men with the women’s skill in assessing their partner’s abilities correctly, which couple will walk away victorious with the cash prize?


Programme Details

SAT.1 (Germany)
Red Arrow Studios International