Natural History and Wildlife

The League of Extraordinary Animals


In Production / Pre-sales available

The League of Extraordinary Animals is a dazzling and exciting new nature show that looks at the most amazing animals, their incredible behaviours, and remarkable physical features.

In each themed episode we take a close look at the most extraordinary animals across different categories of nature, as we organize the animal kingdom into different behaviours, body parts, survival tactics, colours, habitats, and animal types.

Across the series we’ll use compelling natural history archive from the best sources in the world to showcase an amazing array of animals each with their own distinctive behaviour geared for survival. In the predator episode we’ll see extraordinarily patient predators, as well as venomous, bloodthirsty, pack-hunting, cunning, explosive, and aerial ones. Extraordinary predators that use traps, weapons or just one single bite and ones that are horrifying, weird or exceptionally speedy, as we build up to the MOST EXTRAORDINARY predator.

This highly informative and entertaining format can run to hundreds of episodes, each one showcasing incredible footage, information, and stories about the most wonderful and weird animals on Earth. And the MOST EXTRAORDINARY ones.


Programme Details

10 x 60'
4K / HD