This series takes dramatic, everyday actions in the animal kingdom, and looks at them at 600 frames a second. On land and sea we uncover the complex physiology of the animals which makes these extraordinary bursts of speed possible.

Some animals live and breathe speed on a permanent basis. The cheetah uses it every day, the elephant shrew's metabolism runs on it while the falcon knows no other way. In the reptile world, the strike comes as a startling explosion of energy, often faster than the eye can see. Adders, pythons, and all crocodilians favour this strategy. Some animals are inherently slow, but have one single masterstroke of movement. Chameleons spend their lives creeping along leafy branches but they can unleash a flash of movement, which is nearly always fatal for their prey. 

But how do these sometimes inactive animals suddenly leap into actin and how are these physical mechanisms put into play when this movements occurs? Using high-end CGI, this film examines the physiological make-up of the animals to illustrate how these extraordinary bursts of speed are possible.

Episodic Breakdown:
• Season 1: 3 x 60'
• Season 2: 3 x 60'


Programme Details

6 x 60'
National Geographic