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Against All Odds


In the face of a formidable adversary, Ukraine defied expectations and stood tall, turning the tables on the Russian offensive and proving that even the mightiest can be brought down by the determined few.

This is the modern day story of David and Goliath: the world expected Ukraine to fall within 72 hours of the Russian offensive. Instead, in defiance, the Ukrainians stopped Russia’s blitzkrieg in its tracks. This is the story of how David wielded his slingshot.

Against All Odds seeks to find answers to the question of why and how Ukraine managed to withstand the first months of war against Russia. While leading military experts predicted Kyiv would fall within days, the country got together to fight off the Russian aggression. This war also opened up opportunities for Ukraine to finally be heard by foreign partners and the international community.

Despite the enemy claiming to be the second largest army in the world, Ukraine resisted and is still standing.


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