Science and Technology

All The Answers


A fun, fast-paced show that dives into interesting topics of all kinds -- taking viewers on a “did you know” adventure with no boundaries.

From pivotal inventions, natural wonders, sports, science, history and wildlife, to the human body, the magic of our planet and vast expanse of space, there’s no limit to the questions explored, in our quest to bring you All The Answers.

Selected Episodic Breakdown:
Episode 1: Explore the center of our solar system…discover why a little ingenuity can help brighten the world around you…and learn something about chemicals that’ll cause quite a reaction!
Episode 2: Find out why clocks all over the world tell different calendars are connected to the solar system…and discover the origin stories of common colloquialisms!
Episode 3: Learn why there are people on every part of the planet…try your hand at the very first Olympic sport…and discover where automobile racing was invented!
Episode 4: Cruise way back to the origins of bicycles…witness the life cycle of the butterfly…and learn how to zen-out, with meditation!
Episode 5: Explore desert biomes, and the amazing animals that live in them...learn about forest fires and forest regrowth...and turn up the heat even more, with tubes full of lava!


Programme Details

26 x 30'