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Ultimate Honey Badger


Drop into the secret life of the Honey Badger as “Badgie” learns how to face the wilds of Africa alone. Join her at ground level on mouse, snake & scorpion hunts, and watch her battle a porcupine for ownership of her burrow.

Pound for pound the honey badger is the meanest predator on the African savannah. The lion may be at the apex, but dynamite comes in small packages and the Honey badger punches well above its weight. Africa’s answer to the Wolverine, it’s a low slung, supple knot of muscle that hunts with the tenacity of a maniac. It eats snakes for breakfast, immune to venom that can take down an elephant. It will battle much bigger predators for prey – and win. It’s a lightweight at 30 pounds, but it’s a dirty fighter.

This film tells the remarkable story of “Badgie”. Orphaned at birth, she is brought up by guardian Dylan Smith and his wife Theresa in the vast and wild Kalahari Thornveld. With their help, Badgie learns everything she needs to know about becoming the most fearless fighter on the Savannah. Honey badgers have a fearsome reputation, taking on Africa’s most venomous snakes and defending themselves against lions and wild dogs, but for a young badger without a mother, things aren’t so easy.


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1 x 60'