#KidsOnTech is a film about kids and technology; a film about how the promise of technology is limiting children from developing the very skills they will need to engage in new technologies of the future.

Should we shield our children from it at all costs? Certainly not, nor could we if we tried. It’s increasingly clear the problem isn’t simply technology. However, access and full exposure to it are simply not as benign as perhaps we once thought. Nevertheless, our daily use and encounter with media and technology often reflects unseen values handed to us by tech developers that shape and encourage our behaviors (and our children’s) on multiple levels.

A look at parents’ struggle with their children’s increased dependence on tech devices today. Filmed around the world, we hear from school children, parents, and educators from the USA, Germany, India, France, Mexico, China, the UK and Japan. We also feature a Google designer, a broad range of scientists, including neuroscientists from Germany and the USA, as well as New York Times journalist, Matt Richtel, whose story on a Silicon Valley school created an international media frenzy. Following a year that forced us to rely on technology more than ever before, this film examines tech’s impact on children’s developing bodies and brains, and asks: “What to do? How can we prepare our kids for the digital world?”


Programme Details

1 x 60'
AETN18 India