Natural History and Wildlife

March of the Elephants


This film documents the desperate struggle of a 34-strong elephant herd as they set out from the parched Kalahari Desert to reach this green sanctuary – a journey of over 100 miles.

In central Botswana elephants are known to roam far and wide; their movements dictated by the rains and food sources. In times of desperation and drought, they fall back on one plan – an impromptu migration into the Okavango Delta. 

After the tragic death of her daughter, Mensah, the matriarch, must lead her young son and her herd to safety. This epic journey will take them across an arid desert, past mud swamps, a valley of dust storms and beyond the lion gatekeepers of a forbidden kingdom, into the herds’ ancient feeding grounds in the Okavango Delta. A journey Mensah was once shown as a youngster, passed down from her mother and her grandmother. The route they will follow is an ancient one, etched in elephant memory that stitches waterhole to waterhole in an invisible map across the dry lands. However if Mensah loses her way, her herd could all die of thirst, or worse.


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1 x 60'