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Diamond River Hunters


A team of mavericks have staked $500,000 to set up a mining operation high in the mountains of Lesotho. They must deal with brutal weather, terrible terrain, tribal politics and fiery tempers and they’ll risk it all to search a lost river that could yield the world’s biggest diamonds.

Entrepreneur and adventurer, Peter Jago, and his team are on a mission to search for alluvial diamonds and gemstones washed into the hidden river valleys of Lesotho. ‘Diamond River Hunters’ follows this maverick team of investors on their exploration and quest to find what are reputed to be some of the world’s biggest diamonds in challenging conditions.

More than a billion years ago, a massive volcano violently erupted in the Lesotho mountains, bringing to the surface a rare type of magma, rich in gemstones. The remains of one half of that volcano are now the site of the world’s largest and richest diamond mining operation: The Letsing Mine. The other half of the magma seam has slowly been broken down and eroded, scattering diamonds into the river valley below. This river has never been prospected – until now. The diamonds could be anywhere and they have to be found and pumped out of the river. Will the team find any diamonds and will their gamble pay off?


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6 x 60'