Multimillionaire daredevil Zef Eisenberg has a long held obsession – break the 200 mph land speed record in a car he plans to engineer himself.

To do so, Zef travels the nation to meet fellow motoring mavericks and drive their incredible vehicles. Inspired by these extraordinary machines, Zef challenges his own team to take a different vehicle each week and make it as fast as humanly possible. Whether it’s putting a jet engine into a motorbike or adding hydraulic jacks to an unstoppable off-road racer, Zef gets and under the bonnet of Britain’s best cars, bikes and boats.

The knowledge the Speed Freaks team gain is crucial because at the end of six part series, this real life Tony Stark and his team prepare Zef’s specially built 1200hp road-legal Porsche 911 Turbo S for his death-defying record attempt at Pendine Sands.

With over 40 land speed records currently to his name, he’s already done it on a bike. Will Zef Eisenberg be the first to break 200 miles an hour at the iconic Pendine Sands and take his place amongst the British legends of land speed? Or will his relentless pursuit of speed hit the end of the road?


Programme Details

6 x 60'