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Qatar World Cup Vignettes


Warm-up content for World Cup 2022

We proudly introduce a series of premium, dynamic and innovative vignettes that pay homage to the most popular sport around the globe and its pinnacle event, The Qatar World Cup.

Themes Breakdown:
Postcards (17×02′): Explore the enigmatic nation of Qatar and learn everything you need to know before the 2022 World Cup. Travel with us this proud nation and discover its fascinating places, customs, and secrets.

Icons (20×02′): Great among the great, they are legendary players who have stood out in a unique way in the history of football, because of their original style of play, strength, and excellence, which has made them emblematic representatives of this sport, through their triumphs, in myths that represent the identity of their selection and nations.

Unforgettable (63×02′): Witness unique moments that are part of the history of sport, of the collective imaginary. Moments that remain in the minds of all, reliving fascinating memories.

Better Half (8×02′): The popular saying proclaims that “behind every great man there is a great woman”. Get to know the perfect complements beside the greatest football players.


Programme Details

108 x 02' / 8 x 30' / 1 x 90'
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