This series reveals the secret lives of three species of highly venomous snakes as they fight for survival in a changing world. Cobras, mambas and the huge viper family reveal their most intimate stories.

This compelling series focuses on some of the biggest venomous snakes on the planet as they fight for survival. Cobras, mambas and the huge viper family reveal their most intimate stories.

Each species has their own highly evolved hunting strategy but the threat posed by humans, a changing climate and habitat destruction are putting their very existence in danger. This is also changing the way they breed but they are highly adaptable and employ some ingenious tactics to overcome these obstacles. By the end of each hour we emerge with a new understanding of these impressive and misunderstood creatures.

Episodic Breakdown:
• Episode 1: COBRA
Charmed by some, feared by most – the cobra family is powerful and iconic. From the giant cannibalistic king cobras of India, to desert specialists that hunt birds in the Kalahari and semi -aquatic forest cobras stalking the swamps of Africa, each snake has a unique story and set of challenges to overcome.
• Episode 2: VIPER
Vipers are one of the most feared and deadly snake families in the world. Yet they face death at every turn. In this intimate deep dive into the lives of rattlesnakes, puff adders and gaboon vipers, we reveal how these extraordinary creatures deploy a unique set of superpowers to overcome constant challenges and lethal threats.
• Episode 3: MAMBA
Black mambas are one of the most feared snakes on the planet with venom that can kill a human in just 20 minutes. But behind the twitchy demeanour and lightning-fast strike is a shy and highly intelligent creature, just trying to stay alive. This legendary serpent has a plethora of assets - venom, agility, speed and sensory superpowers that make it a master of its habitat, despite being the most hated serpent in Africa.


Programme Details

3 x 60'